Wheat have been cultivated in India for the last 5000 years, That means from the time of Indus – Saraswathi civilization. Wheat is the second largest grain cultivated in nation after paddy. Wheat is also non as Triticum aestivum scientific name.

Wheat consists of three-part BRAN, ENDOSPERM, and Germ.

Bran constitutes around 12% of grain – Bran is the hard, brownish outer protective skin of the grain, it surrounds germ and the endosperm, protecting the grain from weather, insect, Mold, and Bacteria. It contains larger quantities of the B -Complex vitamin, minerals, phytonutrients such as flavonoids and indoles along with a small amount of protein. The bran is included in whole wheat flour and is also available separately.

Endosperm constitutes around 85% of grain – Endosperm is the biggest part of the grain – mostly starch. It is the source of white flour that contains the greatest share of the protein, fiber, iron, and carbohydrates in the whole grain.

Germ constitutes around 03% of grain – The germ is the embryo or sprouting section of the seed. most of the wheat grain fat and vitamin content is found in the germ, a small nutrient-rich core that contains antioxidants, vitamin E, and healthy fats along with minerals such as iron and zinc. wheat germ can be purchased separately and is included in whole wheat flour.

Composition Of Wheat – Moisture 10 to 11%, Carbohydrates 69 to 72%, Protein 10 to 13%, Fat 2 to 3%, Fiber 3%, and Ash 2%. The composition can be differed depending on the variety and even with the environmental condition.

Wheat mostly consumed in the form of flour, obtained by milling the grain. Flour is the oldest form is being used to make chapati, puri, parantha, etc, an integral part of Indian meals, especially in north India.

whole wheat flour is a good source of consuming healthy food.

Brown Chakki fresh milling flour makes it easier to create healthy dishes.

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