Wheat is very popularly in India , Wheat mostly consumed in the form of flour, obtained by milling the grain. Many wheat varieties have high gluten content in them which makes them unsuitable for people with diabetes, gluten allergies and Some are intolerance to gluten suffering with celiac disease. Khapli wheat atta is perfect for these lot. This special wheat is gaining popularity these days for its health benefits

Khapli wheat is an ancient grain. This light brown, long whole grain has multiple health benefits, Khapli Wheat also called as Emmer Wheat the scientific name is Triticum dicoccum, Khapli wheat is generally grown in Maharashtra. In very harsh environments , extreme heat. wheat is very hard which enables the grain to survive in the harsh weather.

Just like any wheat grain, khapli wheat naturally contains gluten. However, the gluten content is believed to be lesser than the normal wheat.

Khapli wheat is the best option for gluten allergies people or suffering with celiac disease It is also the best options for diabetic patients as this super-grain has a low glycemic index. It helps in the slow release of sugar in the body, which is beneficial for diabetic patients.

Khapli wheat has the ability to lower bad cholesterol
Khapli wheat is the best option for chapati / Roti eating lovers who can’t Consume or shift to other gluten free product.


Our Khapli Wheat is truly chakki fresh, the rotis made with this atta turn out slightly darker than the usual atta that you find in the market. Brown chakki grant you soft, light, and fluffy rotis. Brown Chakki Khapli Wheat Atta is now available, you can order from our Web Site, Mobile App, or you can also visit our shop to buy it.

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